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Who is an Advertiser?

If you're not related to the field of media buying, it may seem like a silly question - "Who is an Advertiser and how does an advertising agency work?" Indeed, a promoter or advertiser is a shipper or retailer that offers items, administrations, and arrangements on the web, acknowledges money and conveys orders. Simply if you want to understand, you can say that a person who has the command over advertisements is an advertiser. I think we all have seen many commercials running during cricket matches or television premiers. These commercials are created by an advertising agency to sell a particular service or product. Nowadays you encounter numerous advertisements while surfing the internet, so you don't need a brief understanding about an advertisement.

Roles of an Advertiser in a Media buying agency

Based on style, target audience, geographic scope, medium, Advertising may be categorized in a variety of ways though, the approach of an advertiser is always same and that is to sell a product. An Advertiser is always at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers. Advertisers have the command over the product that is shown in the advertisement so it makes money by ROI. In a media buying agency, the role of an advertiser is to focus on impression and reach of the product or service to the target audience. The Advertiser is the Merchant with an Affiliate Program for you to promote when you choose a media buying agency. Like energy always changes its forms, an advertiser is often an app or a brand looking when it comes to mobile advertising. The fact of the matter is that it's an entirely funny cycle like cats and monkeys and monkeys and cats, Advertisers buy ad space from publishers and ad networks, and publishers publish your products or campaign before your target audience and they purchase your products. So for a media buying agency, an advertiser is a pillar that holds the input to pass it to the publisher who is another pillar to produce the output.


Once you understand the term and idea behind an advertiser in a media buying agency, it is not that a hard task to go through a publisher. A publisher is known as an affiliate or reseller that delivers what advertiser submits to it in the form of ads, text links, or product links on its Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings. If you want to understand a publisher simply, we can go through your books. When you buy a book, on the back side of it you see the name of the author, editor as well as the publisher. So a publisher is a person that prints the content and circulates it throughout the masses. Here in the world of digital media, a publisher is a company or an executive who publishes the product or service before a target audience.

Role of a Publisher in a Media buying agency

Like an advertiser has control over the product or service, a publisher has command over the space where products are published. So a Publisher shows and is paid a commission by the particular sponsor when a visitor makes a particular move, for example, rounding out a frame, making a buy or subscribing to a service. In a media buying agency, a Publisher is paid to promote ads on their website, applications and on other places. A publisher sells ad space to an Advertiser and your product gets the space on a specific media whether it's Television, print, radio or internet. When an agency creates content, it has to build or buy an audience and publishers are there to give that space. A leading media buying agency depends both upon advertisers as well as publishers to make its business grow. If you are starting a small business, it's the advertiser that will make your campaign or take command over it and then the publisher will give the appropriate space to the campaign to reach the target consumers.

At Soltex Media

Soltex Media, being a premium media buying agency across the nation offers robust programmatic advertising facilities to help advertisers reach their target audience across a variety of media effortlessly. Advertisers will not just pay for views and click with programmatic ad buying but also they will be able to access to niche customer groups. Advertisers and publishers are two great pillars of Soltex Media to give clients Best TV Streaming Device services and solutions.

We offer businesses and their advertising agencies big media buying power with boutique-level service. Partner with us to create a campaign targeting your objectives, whether it's building awareness, growing revenue, or entering new markets.

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