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1. After all the materials have been transferred to the glove box, shut the door with the glove box, open the outer doorway, and reload the substance for the subsequent shift of the substance oven and the first method. The creation line does not need to have to be linked with several ovens, and it can bake a single shift or many shift supplies at a time, conserving creation time, minimizing creation backlinks, and staying away from secondary air pollution in other operation strategies. The solution high quality is ensured, and the use of the manipulator saves a large amount of labor gloveboxes and realizes automated production.

2. The oven is outfitted with one or additional shifts of manufacturing materials at a time, and is baked and dehydrated

three. Automated substance transfer in the oven

four. Right after the oven product baking course of action is concluded, it is transferred to the glove box cooling region for cooling at a time

five. Just after the cooling is completed, the content is taken by the automated feeding robot and transferred to the processes of liquid injection, soaking, standing, sealing, and many others. These procedures are automated production processes

six. Following the above operation is concluded, exit the warehouse via a large warehouse

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