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When unique parts this sort of as semiconductor products, built-in circuits, and optoelectronic equipment are subjected to laser welding and packaging functions, the welding elements are exposed to the air and are especially susceptible to oxidation less than substantial temperature disorders, resulting in welding defects these kinds of as porosity, slag inclusions, cracks, and reduced welding energy. , Foremost to soaring failure rates these as bad airtightness, minimal toughness, and impact resistance of the system, especially the affect resistance defect will bring about destruction to the product flying substantial Mach, triggering main protection accidents and ****** losses. At present, the domestic market urgently desires a The laser welding packaging unit that can be utilized underneath vacuum ailments or below exclusive atmosphere protection conditions has a good guy-machine surroundings and versatile machines to fulfill the wants of substantial-close gadgets, specially distinctive products for significant-speed aerospace autos.

Etelux presents a laser welding glove box based on atmospheric safety. To remedy the results of air humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the glove box has two ninety-degree square cabins, the left facet is the heating cabin, and the ideal side For the transitional cabin, the highest temperature of the heating cabin is 200 ℃, the heating plate can be cooled swiftly at the similar time, the outside of the square cabin door is a manual doorway, the inner door is an automated doorway, the inner and outer doorways are interlocked, the glove box is controlled to be cleaned by a circulation meter, and can also be related to the purification technique. Its qualities are: minimal leakage, lower water and oxygen written content in the box, stable total tools functionality, and correct and responsible water and oxygen detection.

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